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NoTsOpReTtYnOw started this conversation
I just turned 16 years old and I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first. I didnt plan it but I wouldnt take it back for anything. I dont like getting stares from people because of my age. I want to do whats best for my baby but I dont know what that is. The baby's father is violent and hurtful and so I ended it with him so I could protect the baby. Was that right? He turns 19 next month. My dad doesnt want a baby in his aparment and then I will have no where to go with my young one who is due in January.
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My heart goes out to you, I wish I had more than words to offer. It takes courage to ask for help, courage to admit "I don't know what to do" and even more courage to walk away from a violent & hurtful involvement. That's a lot of courage for someone so young! When I was young that was courage I didn't have; so not one to point fingers as I've made my share of mistakes in life and some of them came with high price tags. The biggest one of all was probably to NOT ask when I would have needed help but was too ashamed and too afraid to be able to get the words out.. so I never gave anybody a chance to be there for me who might have cared. Everybody lost, in that equation.

Not sure where you are but there's agencies that do help especially with pregnancy there are options they can tell you about, maybe there's a group home for teen moms or some other living arrangement and a way to build a life for you two? Myself may end up without a roof over my head soon, no idea which way the road is turning... but lived long enough to know that miracles do happen when one has faith even the size of a mustard seed.

Be blessed, courageous young one. God keep watch over you+baby (and me too)
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I'm suprised your father did not have your ex-boyfriend arrested for statutory rape.
He (bf) got off lucky.
Of course, he still has to 'pay' child support for this baby he help to create. This is whether he is working or not!!
I wish you the best.
In the future, please realize that we are planning a baby (whether consciously or unconsciously) everytime we have sex.
Next time, please use birth control 'plus' make the guy wear a condom.
I realize no one birth control is a 100% perfect.
Yet, abstainance is 100% perfect.

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